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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek



VIP WEBISM member Brigitta Krause News

Two new films from Brigitta! One produced by her and one about her and her artist husband PeKa within a film about the region where they live! Visit her website for more...


"Keep on running - an jumping", copyright Dr. Rodney Chang (PYGOYA).
Sample of PYGOYA'S Marathon Art series. Go for more!



Planet Earth Book published by British artist Bruce Rimel

Bruce Rimel is a great artist and wonderful human being always active to make this world a better place by using art as a vehicle. I'm proud to be in the Mirca Planet Earth, Planet Art book to be published by Bruce and "Friends Of The Earth International".

Spezerei "Apotheke", Oberstdorf, Oberallgaeu, Bavaria, Germany - a place you will love!!!

This is the fantastic atmospheric place (with great artworks) where Thomas and Ingrid Kamerbeek enjoyed a freshly brewed coffee done with heart and hand (not machine!). A place you cannot miss to visit if you stay in the beautiful village of Oberstdorf. Thank YOU, Gabriele Mielert, for the warm welcome and the delicious warm Croissant!!!!! We'll be back and with us the lovliest of the worldwide WEBISM artists. 2010 will be celebration year!!!!

Visit the website of Heiner and Gabriele Mielert


Brandhorst Museum, Munich, Germany

We (Thomas and Ingrid Kamerbeek) visited the newly opened Brandhorst Museum, Munich on May 28th, 2009 and I'm still dreaming. A MUST SEE!!!! What a building, what a collection. Pure LOVE. Go to website:
Should you ever be in Munich don't miss to visit this stunning collection and enjoy the building which is art in itself.
Image shows the ticket with an excerpt of one of Cy Twombly's paintings.


Visit the running photographer!!!

Photo courtesy: Minneapolis Marathon website

Pygoya's documentation of the run to come... watch his website!

WEBISM Coiner and co-founder of WEBISM Group PYGOYA presents new book!!!

Available now at amazon

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