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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


Tom R. Chambers receives the "ePals Exemplary Teacher Award"


Tom R. Chambers receives the "ePals Exemplary Teacher Award" honoring his outstanding achievements as an ePals educator. He has proven a dedicated and creative member of the ePals community, and they are proud to share his projects and classroom experiences on their website:


The ePals® approach provides an effective way to instruct and reach today's technology savvy students and teachers. ePals provides digital content designed for collaboration and self-paced, self-directed learning as well as a safe platform to share work globally. Authentic ePals projects are centered around meaningful content and experiences that require teamwork, digital literacy skills, higher-level thinking and communication. By engaging in authentic learning experiences about relevant issues, students, teachers and mentors learn and work together, strengthening core learning while motivating learners and building self-confidence and skills necessary for future careers. At the same time, ePals helps teachers learn to use technology effectively in their classrooms, providing professional development, curriculum, contests and other resources.

ePals' mission is to support lifelong learning through collaborative experiences that empower and inspire. ePals is especially committed to enabling academically rigorous educational opportunities in economically disadvantaged environments worldwide through the ePals Foundation – provider of In2Books®, the company's flagship literacy e-mentoring program. The program has helped participating children raise standardized test scores and improve writing and critical-thinking skills.

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