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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


Coffee-Chocolate-Art Session...

Join our worldwide indulgency party... send your fav drink or meal as nicely composed pic accompanied with your "eat" art to webismmail@yahoo.com

Get inspired by visiting the party tabblo


Become a WEBISM group member at flickr too...

I wanted to invite you to join a cool group on Flickr! It's called WEBISM Group of Worldwide Artists, and it's a big bunch of fun! BET you heard of this famous group! Some of the coolest WEBISM VIP members are waiting there for YOU! Join the flock and contribute your artwork to the theme "Communication". See you there.

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WEBISM News at WordPress too...

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VIP WEBISM member Heinz Sterzenbach invites to "Lange Nacht der Ateliers". Visit him in his Berlin Studio...


"Liebe Kunstinteressierte, liebe Freunde,
ich lade Sie/Euch und Ihre/Eure Freunde herzlich ein zur "Langen Nacht der Ateliers" im Kunstzentum Tegel-Süd (siehe Einladungskarte).
Mein Atelier befindet sich im 2.Stock, Raum 203, wo sie die neuesten Arbeiten von diesem Jahr sehen können.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren/Euren Besuch"

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Heinz Sterzenbach


Johanna Renate Wöhlke and Wolf Tekook introduce their latest book "HAUTkontakt"

Title: HAUTKontakt
Subtitle: Schatten von Träumen - Eine Anthologie
Pages: 164
Editor: Shaker Media, ISBN: 978-3-86858-500-1

Words from Johanna Renate Woehlke and pictures from WolfTek combined to an anthology of human desire.

More informations and subscription facilities at www.wolftek.de


Send a KISS and be part of the KISS show

Here comes a big KISS from Thomas Kamerbeek, WEBISM art sponsor.
Hey, folks, the real life KISS show organized and curated by Johanna Renate Wöhlke and Wolf Tekook will be opened on Oct 10, 2009!!!!! For 3 months you can enjoy KISS art at Helmspark-Galerie, Möbelhaus Witt, Seevetal (South of Hamburg).

But even if you're not in the show YOU STILL CAN BE PART OF THE KISS SHOW:
Sent your personalized e-KISS with the help of FERRERO KUESSCHEN. Click on "E-KUESSCHEN" at Ferrero website. You can send your KISS to me and I'll publish it on the KISS project site if it is really nice and interesting... send to webismmail@yahoo.com


Rainer Grassmuck, Wuppertal, Germany - Invitation to Wuppertal Art Project

Latest activity from VIP WEBISM member Rainer Grassmuck:

Heinz Sterzenbach, Berlin, Germany shows at "Galerien Gafert", Berlin along with Caroline Creutzer

Invitation from VIP WEBISM member Heinz Sterzenbach, Berlin, Germany who shows at "Galerien Gafert, Schlieperstr. 16. 13507 Berlin" along with Caroline Creutzer.

Liebe Freunde und Kunstinteressierte,
ich lade Sie / Euch herzlich ein zur Eröffnung unserer neuen Ausstellung "Berliner Stadtansichten", Radierungen aquarelliert und Aquarelle von Heinz Sterzenbach sowie "Skulpturen aus Stein, Gips, Gasbeton und Bronze" von Caroline Creutzer. Die Vernissage findet am 3.10.09 um 11:00 Uhr in den Galerien Gafert, Schlieperstr. 16. 13507 Berlin statt. Die Ausstellung geht bis zum 31.10.09. Öffnungszeiten: Montag - Freitag 10:00 - 19:00 Uhr und Samstag von 11:00 - 16:00 Uhr.
Ich würde mich über Ihren / Euren Besuch sehr freuen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Heinz Sterzenbach

Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA accepted in New York Hall of Science show

Great news is coming in from our VIP WEBISM member Ursula Freer:

"...Two of my images have been accepted in "Digital'09: Mysteries in Science"
at the New York Hall of Science. The exhibit will be up through January 2010

The online exhibition:

All winning entries:

My pieces in this show:


From a WEBIST to WEBISTs all over the world: Happy weekend!!!

Photo copyright: Jac Depczyk, London, Paris. Visit his highly interesting www.netcells.net
This is also a test to find out if all WEBISM group members are automatically informed of this entry...


VIP WEBISM member Herbert W. Franke curator at Ars Electronica's 30th anniversary

Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke is one of the founders of the "Ars Electronica". The festival took place for the 30th time in 2009!!! Herbert was a curator for this year's "Prix Ars Electronica".

Below you find a screenshot with pics from his 80th bday party in 2007. It was taken from the website "art meets science" presented by Herbert's wife Dr. Susanne Päch.

VIP WEBISM member Heinz Sterzenbach back from Turkey

Berlin WEBIST Heinz Sterzenbach and wife spent a wonderful vacation in Turkey (Kappadokien round trip and Turkish Riviera)


WEBISM Museum 3D Gallery

Visit the WEBISM Museum 3D Gallery.

Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke, WEBISM member, celebrates 50th anniversary of 1st ever electronic art show in a renown European Art Museum

CLICK HERE to visit Herbert's art show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first electronic art show at the well-known "Museum für Angewandte Kunst" in Vienna/Austria in 1959. This marks a milestone because it was the 1st ever electronic art show on the European planet in a museum of international reputation!




Jac Depczyk, London/Paris - renown photographer and multi-task-artist

Want to link to Jac's artsite... I did a banner for this very creative artist and friend. Took this pic of him during his photo shooting with Simone - owner of cafe M1 in Sonthofen - on September 9th, 2009.

Consider joining netcells.net: a site of great functionality and design. The database can ease your life... visit Jac's netcells.net to find out more.


Economics focus: What if? | The Economist

Economics focus: What if? | The Economist

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The illustration for this article was done by Jac Depczyk during his visit to Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek in Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany.

Jac Depczyk, London/Paris visiting Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek, Sonthofen in September 2009

This funny kitchen table WEBISM shot showing Jac Depczyk and Ingrid Kamerbeek was done by Thomas Kamerbeek.

photo copyright: Jac Depczyk, London/Paris, www.netcells.net
Fun times in Sonthofen's "Cafe Amt" in September 2009. Jac is a great photographer and an exciting human being. Functionality is one of his main principles. Visit his well organized netcells.net and consider to be part of it.

photo copyright: Ingrid Kamerbeek

Jac did a photo shooting with beautiful Simone Tassoti owner of Cafe M1, Sonthofen. Jac and Simone viewing the shooting results.


VIP WEBISM member Ursula Freer published in a book about global warming...

Great news from Ursula Freer:

"... My digital piece "Chambered Nautilus" is featured on pages 112 & 113 of the
newly published book, a project of the Union of Concerned Scientist.

American Stories about Global Warming, see:


VIP WEBISM member Brigitta Krause with new tile artwork

"Schlangenvogel am Mondsee" - copyright Brigitta Krause

Visit Brigitta's website for details...


VIP WEBISM member Heinz Sterzenbach spent a great vacation in Southern England

Here's a nice pic of VIP WEBISM member Heinz Sterzenbach from Berlin showing him at Land's End (UK).
He spent a great vacation in Southern England.

VIP WEBISM member Tania Galatch sends photos from Lake Balaton, Hungary

Nice Tania wishes all WEBISTs a great summer:
"... Summer greetings to ALL WEBISM GROUP! Nice happy days and rest to Everybody!!!"

Enjoy Tania's Lake Balaton Summer photos:

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