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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


2 VIP WEBISM members meet in Vienna: Gerhard Hoeberth/Georg Huebner, May 2009

2 VIP WEBISM members, both born in Vienna, came together through WEBISM and met in Vienna in May 2009 proudly presenting the WEBISM logo!!!!

Gerhard Hoeberth (lh) and Georg Huebner

VIP WEBISM member Tania Galatch's art in real life Museum show in MEXICO

Tania Galatch is represented in a real life art show in a MEXICO museum with her artwork "LILIOMS FOR ANDREJ, No 105" dedicated to her deceased son Andrej. The show is organized and curated by Association Valentin Ruiz Aznar, Project of Antonio Gualda, a gallery in Spain, Granada.


"NATURE AS ART" WEBISM Group and Guests Art Show at Pygoya's "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum

The show officially starts August 1st.
Today it's July 27... SO YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET IN!!! Hurry up:
By entering "Nature as Art" show you have a chance to get one of your works into a published book in possibly 3 languages - Russian, German, English. Be documented in a book with your artwork as a WEBIST forever in history once again.

The juror for works to be included in Russian publication will be visiting the show August 1 so hurry up and get aboard the art train while there is still time to join!!!


British Artist BRUCE RIMELL teams up with "Friends Of The Earth International" for "Planet Earth" worldwide book project

The Planet Earth book project is an idea and concept of British artist Bruce Rimell. Bruce: "...Friends Of The Earth International, based in 77 nations across the globe but with their main headquarters in Amsterdam, will promote the book on their website, as well as through the newsletters that the international HQ and 77 national charities publish every three months. Most excitingly, they have suggested that one of their activists who works with the Ogoni people of Nigeria might be able to write a preface for the book. This is exciting stuff!
So Friends Of The Earth are in and eager to work with us. Their international website is www.foei.org but they also operate in many European, American and Asian countries too."



VIP WEBISM member Herbert W. Franke at NMI 2009 Symposium, Berlin

VIP WEBISM member Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, NM, USA did a portrait painting of Professor Herbert W. Franke based upon a photo taken by VIP WEBISM member Gerhard Höberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany at the occasion of Herbert's 80s bday party on June 30th, 2007 in Bad Tölz, Germany.

Herbert W. Franke will be keynote speaker at NMI 2009 Symposium in Berlin, Germany.

VIP WEBISM member Josef Thomas Petsovits organizes "The Long Night of the Words" 2009 at Karlshof in Stadtschlaining (Vienna), Austria

15. August 2009
ab 19:00 Uhr

die lange Nacht der Wörter 2009
Vor elf Jahren wurde die lange Nacht der Wörter geboren. Dank den teilnehmenden Autoren und natürlich den Zuhörern ist sie mittlerweile eine der größten Literaturveranstaltungen des Landes und zu einem Fixum in der burgenländischen Kunstwelt geworden - herzlichen Dank allen Beteiligten.

Am 15. August ab 19:00 Uhr ist es wieder so weit: die lange Nacht der Wörter 2009, Autoren lesen aus ihren Werken. Wir dürfen uns auf interessante Vorträge und bereichernde Gespräche und Diskussionen freuen!

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn sie aktiv (als Autor) oder passiv (als Zuhörer) dieser Veranstaltung wieder zu ihrem Erfolg verhelfen.


The "Long Night of the Words" was founded by Josef Thomas Petsovits and takes place for the 11th time this year. Writers read from their books. To learn more about the event ask Josef Thomas Petsovits. Write to Ingrid if you are a WEBISM group member and want to join the event: webismmail@yahoo.com

Josef Thomas Petsovits
Stadtschlaining, Austria




VIP WEBISM member Arno Signarowski presents stunning video

Arno Signarowski made it into the art catalogue published by his hometown Gladbeck. Only 11 artists have been chosen!!!

2 VIP WEBISM members present inauguration art show at Helmspark-Galerie in Hittfeld (Hamburg)

Johanna Renate Wöhlke (Cosia Immerscheen), Hamburg/Germany Herta and Dr. Wolfgang Tekook (WolfTek), Krefeld/Germany had a good time with many guests. Click on screenshot below to visit slide show by Cosia and/or click on links below for details:

Johanna Renate Wöhlke (Cosia Immerscheen)
Dr. Wolfgang Tekook (WolfTek)


WolfTek is looking forward to meeting you in Dachau (Munich) where his art will be on show

from July 25th to August 9th, 2009.

Saturday, July 25th, 2009, 6 pm
Dachauer Wasserturm e.V.
Hofgartenweg (unterhalb des Schlosses)
85221 Dachau
opening hours Saturday/Sunday 1 to 6 pm

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