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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


VIP WEBISM Member Parys St. Martin's Art Chosen For IEEE Magazine Cover

WOW, CONGRATS to our WEBISM member of the first hour Parys St. Martin, Durango, Colorado, USA! Her artwork is on the front cover of the July/Aug 2010 issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications magazine with a two page feature inside. The article on her mentions that she belongs to the World Wide Webists group!

Visit Parys' website...

VIP WEBISM Member Olga Pavlova also successful as jewelry designer

photo copyright by VIP WEBISM member Nicolai Miniuc

Olga Pavlova wearing one of her many wonderful jewelry creations.


"I love to play with beads!"

Visit Olga at facebook...


VIP WEBISM Member and Speleologist Herbert W. Franke

As you all know Herbert W. Franke not only is one of the most famous German science fiction authors but moreover a computer graphics pioneer as well as active in future studies and a speleologist (caving). Here you can see him (3rd from rh side) celebrating the 100th anniversary of DACHSTEIN CAVES in Obertraun, Austria. Since 1914 about 10 million people visited the ice caves of which 280 km have been investigated.


Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, VIP WEBISM Member - Success Story from LA, USA

Ursula Freer's work will be exhibited in a touring art exhibition at the A&I gallery in Los Angeles, see above postcard for details.

The exhibit is hosted by the environmental organization Common Ground http://www.commonground2010.com/ which first began touring in Beijing, China in 2008.

Ursula's art will be on sale as part of the limited edition set to support this non-profit organization.

Visit Ursula Freer's artsite!

André Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland SOLO SHOW - VIP WEBISM Member

André Maitre solo at

rue Industrielle 98
Moutier, Switzerland, 2740Phone:
+41 78 93

Visit the artist's website for details!


PYGOYA starts new 2010 Cyberbabies Art Show and invites WEBISM members to get into permanent online show...

copyright: Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)2010

Put your latest art (cyberbabies) online at your website, send your link url to Pygoya or Ingrid at webismmail@yahoo.com. Pygoya will link to your page if your art is chosen. Good luck!

"Cyberbabies 2010 for a Green Planet"


Hot Pygoyan Lava art

For more click here...

VIP WEBISM member Brigitta Krause 2010 activities

Brigitta Krause:

"...nun läuft die Ausstellung und Presse und im Netz ist auch einiges zu sehen
was im Kultur- und Bürgerhaus in Marne zu unserem 30 jährigen Jubiläum
angelaufen ist, um nur etwas zu nennen.

Blick auf die eine Seite...

Insgesamt bin ich an 4 laufenden Ausstellungen vertreten
in Marne- cloisonnage und Mooreiche, sowie auch ein grosses digitales auf
Leinwand, in Flensburg "kleinstes Kino mit einen Film- BANK peanuts", in
Eckernförde im Rathaus, wo wir gestern auch eine Performance gemacht
haben, sowie in Hohenegg digital auf Leinwand, ab 16. Juni dann auch in
Kiel - das experimentelle Buch."

Brigitta Krause and husband PeKa (also an artist) are on show at

Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Marne
Schillerstraße 11
25709 Marne, Germany

on behalf of their 30th anniversary in the art world!!!

There are 4 art shows up right now representing Brigitta's artwork. Please visit her website for detailed information: http://artb4.de/krause/aktuell.htm


WEBISM term COINER and co-founder PYGOYA at LA

PYGOYA and family in LA...

Visit www.lastplace.com for more exciting news from and about Dr. Rodney Chang (PYGOYA).

VIP WEBISM member André Maître shows at FORUM DE L'ARC Moutier, Switzerland

VIP WEBISM member André Maître preparing his big art show "Carte Blanche".

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: FORUM DE L'ARC Moutier
Street: rue Industrielle 98

For more pics and details visit André at facebook.

Solo exhibition by VIP WEBISM member Elisa Pritzker

"Black Zipper" by Elisa Pritzker

Franklin 54 Gallery's fall season will start on September 16th with "Zipped", a solo exhibition of new works by Elisa Pritzker.

Franklin 54 Gallery + Projects
526 West 26th Street Rm 403
New York, NY 10001

Joyce Pommer, Director
Elisa Pritzker, Curator for "The Easels"


Latest art show by VIP WEBISM member Norbert Strippel

Visit Norbert's website...

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