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Young people from all over the world report about climate and climate change...

Palwinder Kaur (23) from India:

" hii
thanks for reply me,it is very difficult to generalize the climate of india due to its large geographical area.the indian climate comprise of a wide range of wether condidtion across varied topology and large geographical area.during the months of nov to March.generally the wether remains cool.

if u r travelling during the summer months,the norther parts of that border the world longest mountain range,the HIMALAYS is pleasent.

SUMMMER TIME (April To JUNE)is hot in most parts of india.
Jne And Sept-rainfall is heavy along with west coast.

even the monsoon comes to differnt parts of the country at diffrent times.
Decenber to Jan-the wind reverse their direction,bringing dry and cool wether to most parts of india.

i have some knwge abt climate.thats me explain
ok by thanks and regars

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