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VIP WEBISM member Mariano Petit de Murat's Sentiment Radio is up again!!! and waiting for YOU to register...

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to inform all WEBISTs that Sentiment Radio (www.sentimentradio.com) is now re-designed, up and running! Lots of unique soft tunes for all artists to get inspired or simply work or navigate the web while listening to an amazing collection of rare unique tunes with no commercials or interruptions! and best of all... it's free, It is not obligatory but please spread the word and register so i can inform you about new playlists etc... (maybe once a month).

Thank you and enjoy the music!

Mariano Petit de Murat

1 comment:

Pritzker Gallery said...

Hi Mariano

I'm listening your sentiment radio...and as you said, it's a great company!

Thanks much,
Elisa Pritzker

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