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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


WEBISM Milky Way Dreamers... August 15th, Stadtschlaining, Burgenland, Austria

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artingrid said...

WEBISM Milky Way Dreamers or
OH, WHAT A NIGHT!!!!! It was a lovely Summer's eve after a beautiful warm Summer's day on August 15th, 2009 when 4 WEBISM group VIP members met for the "Long Night of the Words 2009" organized by Josef Thomas Petsovits, owner of "Freiraum Karlshof", Stadtschlaining, Burgenland, Austria. WE COULD SEE THE MILKY WAY THAT NIGHT!!!! Must be a sign from heaven: WEBISM - art connecting the world. Aren't we nice dreamers! But nevertheless DOERS.

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