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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


Jac Depczyk, London/Paris visiting Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek, Sonthofen in September 2009

This funny kitchen table WEBISM shot showing Jac Depczyk and Ingrid Kamerbeek was done by Thomas Kamerbeek.

photo copyright: Jac Depczyk, London/Paris, www.netcells.net
Fun times in Sonthofen's "Cafe Amt" in September 2009. Jac is a great photographer and an exciting human being. Functionality is one of his main principles. Visit his well organized netcells.net and consider to be part of it.

photo copyright: Ingrid Kamerbeek

Jac did a photo shooting with beautiful Simone Tassoti owner of Cafe M1, Sonthofen. Jac and Simone viewing the shooting results.

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