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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


Great news from Webist John Powell!


"Dear Webists

I was invited to give a lecture on "art and the computer the future";
At a highend High School Careers' Day ,Tuesday,
April 22,2008/9:a.m.Theme:"Your Career,Your Choice,Your Future." I was
ask about "Webism" ,what and who is a Webist? I am looking at aspects
of technology,how it affects the art world and how the computer is
being used as a tool/Canvas/Medium
of expression in todays art;
I am informing you that I am going to use the "Webists Group for my
presentation;I ll be setting up the internet in the room slated for this
lecture, which i'll be clicking on every Webists site;I also going to
show the CD/DVD of the show in France,you remember that CD/DVD?I am
putting Webism history together,who
started it & how/where/Py and Ingrid; I bought my Macbook the right
time to travel & I have a 50x50 slides projector screen to use power point
too;I received invitation letter yesterday & was discussing the
traveling "Climate Change-The Impact"show with the schools'
director/organizer of the expo and i'll be blowing up the posters & invitations to


John Powell"

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