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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


Kyrgyzstan student Meerim Abekova is inspired by the international art exhibition set up by Tatiana E. Galatch at Brody High School, Budapest, Hungary

Webist Tatiana E. Galatch is happy about positive feedback on "Gallery AG Budapest" real life exhibition! She wants to share her feeling by sending you this beautiful flower:


"My name is Meerim, I study at IBS (International Business School in Budapest) at a new course called Arts Management; we are trying to combine Art and Business somehow, what is very interesting and exciting for me. And recently I got an assignment to write an essay about a project of my choice, which should be a gallery, museum or library. And I have decided to make a research on an art movement called Webism and the Gallery AG in Budapest founded by Tatiana Galatch, one of the members of Webism.
I found it interesting to write about Webism group because this was the first on-line gallery I have ever seen. And I think that creation of an on-line gallery is a great idea. What is also interesting in this gallery is that everyone wishing can easily join this group by sending an e-mail to the director of Webism. Also I paid attention to that fact that artists from this group like meeting each other in person, and also to make off line galleries inviting each other; for me that seems important to be friends with other people from the group you are a part of. What I found also in this group is that all the artists are very keen on the idea of philanthropy.
I was moved by that fact that artists from Webism who are from all over the world expressed their wish to help and support the manager of the Gallery AG, Tatiana Galatch, and who sent her their wonderful pictures. That’s really touching; from the moment I heard that I started thinking about Webism as a big Family where everyone is open and kind to the others. So this is a pleasure for me to write about them.

Best regards,
Meerim Abekova


Meerim's Case Study for International Business School, Budapest/Hungary

Module: Arts Management Funding
Author: Abekova Meerim
Receiver: Judit Fischer


This work I would like to dedicate to such a project as Webism which has gathered and still is gathering artists from all around the world. It attracted me because I think that this project is well-organized and has been created on time; I’m going to talk about it deeper in the first part of this work.

I will mention some aspects of this project, its mission and other. Then as I live in Hungary now, I feel myself obliged to talk more concrete about a project in this particular country, its history and purpose. And of course I cannot miss the person in charge of it, as this is the only one from Webism who lives in Hungary and makes the project run. I will discuss the project, or rather the gallery, and make some notes in a ‘wish-list’.

And my paper will be finished with a conclusion where I will try to gather the information and analyze it.

In this era of computer technologies everything around us is being transformed, e.g. not long time ago we were using film cameras to make pictures and now more and more people prefer digital ones because of speed and easiness of using. The same changes were made in other fields, for example it became widely known the way of online sales when you can sell and buy goods and services sitting at home. One of such services is on-line gallery, where you can see different art works and order whatever you liked. And this work I would like to dedicate to talented and enthusiastic artists who have organized such a movement as Webism.

Webism is a global on- and offline art movement founded by Pygoya and Ingrid Kamerbeek in 2003. They built up a great international reputation since 1999. It’s a profitable project, but they do not ask for any fees from artists despite all the hard work and money they put into a project. Webism means artists helping artists (there are 53 members for now) by promoting each other in on- and offline shows and collaborations actively. Webists are active artists with enthusiasm for peace and understanding.

What is interesting in this project is that like almost in every art movement in history Webism has its own manifesto which was written by Pygoya in October of 2003 which contains 17 items. As I said before it costs nothing to join this group, but only hard work and follow the rules of manifesto. Their primary goals are the following: to network artists together in order to build Web visual arts culture; "to promote a sense of the peace through friendship without barriers and expand global consciousness"; to educate through awareness of the new generation of digital art available a click away on their computers. They organize exhibitions online to showcase talent of the artists and the expressive and cognitive statements the works themselves generate. But their statement that ‘the original work is the web based art and the printed work is a copy’ seems quite abnormal to us got used to think inversely.

This movement creates art using any medium to share primarily online and thereby contribute to and expand Cyberculture (culture life (museums, galleries, exhibitions, libraries, etc.) in internet). But also they must organize off line exhibits to expand the awareness of more people (both lay public and art institutions) of different regions and cultures of the world of the existence of the Webist movement. And even though mostly the artists work separately, everyone in his own jobsite, they try to physically meet each other, outside of cyberspace and the limitation of email.

Webism in Hungary

The art gallery called Gallery AG was founded by Tatiana E. Pouzanova – Galatch a member of Webism International Art Group (also of ISA, Sweden; and of MAOE, Hungary) who lives in Hungary now. She was born in Russia, educated in Saint Petersburg, and moved to Hungary in 1991. She started participating in art exhibitions from the age of 16. She has had 10 personal and many group exhibitions in Russia, Spain, Belgium, Argentina and Hungary. Being a designer, painter, graphic artist and an icon painter she has won many international awards. Her paintings and graphics can be found in personal collections in Russia, Ukraine, England, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, USA, Holland, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, Japan and Hungary. Through her works she is trying to show us the beauty and magnificence of this world; sometimes shows the unity of landscape; other times she stresses the importance of a single flower. And to reach wonderful results in her works helps her knowledge of many techniques, such as oil, watercolor, pencil, gouache, fiber pen and tempera. Her choice of technique always forms a complement to her theme, that’s why people cannot stop admiring her works.
It seems like such a successful woman must be happy, she has reached what she wanted, she has a family and 3 lovely children, but it’s hard to recover from the loss of a son…
Andrej Galatch was born on 25 of December 1986 in Saint Petersburg. A pupil of 9th class of Bródy Imre Gymnázium in Budapest was known as a very assiduous, talented and open-minded person. He could speak 3 languages fluently, and was learning the 4th one. He studied the piano and the pipe for 6 years, and wanted to learn how to play the guitar. He had lots of great plans and ideas for the future, but it seems unfortunately it was not destined them to come true. He tragically died on 23d of May 2002 at the age of 15.
Gallery AG, Budapest

The Gallery AG (Andrej Galatch) was founded by Andrej’s mother Tatiana Galatch in remembrance of her loved son. Her sent request to donate some pictures for this gallery were received in several countries, such as Germany, Italy, Croatia, Hawaii USA and Canada; and 20 professional artists from 13 different countries (New York, France, Germany, Switzerland etc.) performed the request. In the long run they got 60 beautiful pictures of different artists from all around the world. The works differ from each other not only in styles and themes, but also in technique they were made in; there are works made with oil, gouache, and aquarelle; also there are graphic and originally digital works.

The opening was on 31 of March, 2006 in Bródy Imre Gymnázium (Hungary, Budapest, the 4th district, Attila u.8-10). Many people presented on its opening ceremony: the teacher, students of the school, the Galatch family, some other guests and journalists. This is a permanent exhibition, open when the school is open, and the admission is free for everyone.
According to the agreement (concluded between Tatiana Galatch and the school), the works still belong to Webism International Art Group, and are not for sale.
The main aim of the gallery is to immortalize a memory of Andrej, and to give aesthetic education to pupils of Bródy Grammar School.
There was never a sponsor for this project, Tatiana Galatch was realizing it by her own.
The audience mainly consists of the pupils of this and other schools, and of those who is interested.

Weakness and Possible Solution

The weakness of this project is the following:
Again there is no sponsor of the gallery, but only the manager – Tatiana G. The idea of creating such a gallery is really great, and deserves much more attention than it has now, and it’s wonderful that so many people expressed desire to help, and have sent so many gorgeous pictures, but the capital of Tatiana Galatch is not enough to support and develop this gallery.
And also we shouldn’t forget that this is a non-profitable project, there is no enter fee and the works are not for sale. And at the same time there is still a half of the works given at the beginning which are not being used because of lack of place and frames. So there is no other way to solve this problem but to look for good sponsors. What actually Tatiana Galatch has tried already. She asked for support from the local council of the 4th district, but it came out with no result.

So I have no more suggestions but to find sponsors by trying different methods. For example, it could be nice to have some kind of event dedicated to the gallery, make some kind of charity concert maybe, invite students from musical schools to have a performance, and of course invite as many members of the press as possible in order to make people know about their existence.

And what is important is (again going back to computer technologies) to have their own web-site with works published and protected by copyright. The first one is done: they have a web-site, which by the way now is under construction. But they don’t have any secure from stealing the works online.

Also my suggestion will be to try to promote their site through ads and links on some other public well-known web-sites. In my mind it could also help a lot.


So finishing this work I would like to notice that my theory that everything in this world is being converted into machinery and high-technologies; less and less people still live that previous life; and less and less people are visiting galleries, museums, theatres and libraries. And from one hand it’s good that you can order a pizza via internet, but that’s also so sad that everything is available online.

Because of these changes in life there are more and more empty public places, and those public places are running at a loss or are breaking even. The same is happening to the Gallery AG now, it is not making profit but at the same time it is not running at a loss. Of course this situation could be changed but now it’s so difficult.

During my interview with Tatiana Galatch, she mentioned that it would be nice to open a gallery in Italy or Spain for example. I don’t know, I’ve never been there. But of course I want to believe that there is still such a place on the Earth where a cultural life is still as important as before.

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