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WEBISM International Climate Change Show at Kornhaus Kempten, organized/curated by I. Kamerbeek


We Webists are indeed a wonderful community.
Everytime I find out how much our worldwide Webism can do to help our members I feel really happy and a bit proud too about Pygoya's and my hard work for over 5 years now to help artists around the globe.

Brigitta Krause is an active Webist. And a great example how Webism works. How it can help artists even without fee.

Through Webism she is able to join many international activities. She met the wonderful computer art pioneer Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke in person e.g., she took part in the great Wasserburg show Webist Gerhard Höberth organised assisted by Ingrid Kamerbeek, she found Dale Copeland a close contact of fantastic Webist Jim Charette, she exhibits in the Borey Gallery St. Petersburg along with other colleagues from our "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists". The exhibition is in the framework of an exhibition organized by famous artist and Webism group member Afanassy Pud. These are just a few examples of the many opportunities and great things deriving from our good Webism group teamwork worldwide. I am very happy the Webists love to be members of the group proudly telling the world "I am a Webist". Thank you friends!!!! That's the way it works: artists helping artists.

Brigitta's latest press reports! Congratulations.
One more!

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